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As of March 2017, we’ve seen over 3,000 theatre productions. The lists below highlight those that we found especially noteworthy. Since theatre can be memorable and affecting in so many different ways, we’ve created lists for a lot of different categories (presented in no particular order). We hope that as you read our lists, you’ll be reminded of your own favorite theatre experiences as well.

A cabinet full of our theatre programs
Our theatre programs

Note on Sources: In compiling the information for this website, our primary source has been the thousands of theatre programs we have saved and cataloged from the many shows we have attended over the years. As you will see from the hundreds of links included, we have also made extensive use of information found on the Internet. Two websites that have been particularly useful are About the Artists and Theatre in Chicago.

Life-changing theatre experiences

Definitive productions

Unique theatrical experiences

Memorable productions: Drama

Memorable productions: From high satire to low comedy

Memorable productions: Sondheim musicals

Memorable productions: Musicals (non-Sondheim)

Memorable productions: Surprises

Memorable productions: Guilty pleasures

Memorable productions: Ensemble

Memorable productions: Understudy performances

Memorable productions: Staging

Memorable productions: Biographical plays

Memorable productions: Backstage plays

Memorable productions: One-act plays

Memorable productions: College

Memorable performances by U of Illinois alums

Artist bios (from their early years)

Modern classics

Topical plays

Favorites by Company

Chicago history through theatre

Chicago shows we wish we’d seen

Plays we’d like to see in Chicago

Plays we’d like to see for the first time


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