Anything for theatre: View of a Chicago downpour as we made our way between matinee and evening performances
Anything for theatre: The scene as we made our way from matinee to evening performance in a Chicago downpour (photo by Mona)

We established The Michael and Mona Heath Fund to nurture creativity and artistic merit, and to contribute to the continuing vitality and vibrancy of Chicago theatre.

Chicago has a remarkable number of praiseworthy theatre companies, many of which we attend regularly. One of our biggest challenges in awarding grants is determining the right balance between donating to a large number of theatres versus focusing funding so that it will have more discernible impact. In general, we’ve chosen to make modest unsolicited “general operating fund” grants to a number of theatres, while also making focused grants in support of special artistic needs. The CCAC Accessible Equipment Loan Program is one of our rare opportunities to benefit the entire Chicago cultural community, while supporting the laudable goal of accessibility for all.



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